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Drone defense, tracking and complete security solutions

SIS has been a developer and manufacturer of special solutions for more than 25 years. A focus of research is the development of drone defense systems and tracking technology on a hitherto unprecedented level of technology. The close cooperation of the individual highly specialized departments enables us to develop complex systems and tailor them to the respective requirements. It is advantageous to be able to call upon the resources of the world's leading industrial partners when needed.

In the areas of drone defense systems and location/tracking, we have succeeded in developments that have technically revolutionized the market.

For example, the current method of determining a location is to use a GPS transmitter. Meanwhile, there are numerous technical solutions to compensate for the inaccuracy of a GPS module. Our clients include government agencies and industrial clients. These depend on extreme accuracy and reliability and long operating time of the modules. Especially human lives are often dependent on accuracy and reliability, it is essential to be able to offer flawless and extremely precise products.

SIS has not only accepted this challenge, but has also developed products that are ready for the market that no competitor could match in terms of performance, endurance, compactness and accuracy. This is achieved, among other things, by the merger of a combined receiving module. Depending on the version, SIS Tracking and Localisation modules use next to GPS (all common systems GPS, EUROSAT, GLONASS etc.), aktivRFID, WLAN, Bluetooth, as well as the new standard: "NB-IoT", GPRS, LTE, as well various other standards. In combination, it is then possible to determine the position under almost all external conditions down to a few centimeters. A "sniffer" feature, for example, enables authorities to collect information that is useful to be used in legal trials and infront of court. SIS tracking software is tailored exactly to each product and combines technical possibilities with an extremely user-friendly interface. Our customer can easily carry out nearly all configurations on the software at his disposal.

Jammers have the task of superimposing or interrupting signals of different origin and strength in a clearly defined area in such a way that they can not lead to any damage event.

In crisis areas in particular, bombs or IEDs (improvised explosive devises) are often used to eliminate exposed persons from politics and business in order to create terror and insecurity. These explosives are often detonated by means of a radio transmitter.
A new, but equally directional threat can be created by using drones. These are commercially available, very easy to obtain and usable for terrorist activities.

Survival in such infrequent scenarios offers, in addition to a protected vehicle, only the greatest possible distance from the center of the explosion. An effective jammer must be able to suppress the ignition signal until the protection vehicle has left the hazard area.

Drone defense is completely new challenge. It is not just about an efficient disturbance of the signal. At the same time, the drone and the operator must be located in a timely manner, that is, very quickly and safely.
The transmission power of the jammer must be strong enough to effectively disturb, take over, or force the drone - preferably outside the security area - or to force it to land. All SIS systems are manufactured using the highest national and international quality standards.
In doing so, we pay particular attention to ensuring that our devices are easy and safe to use, and offer unrivaled user safety. The working environment of users is usually paired with a high level of permanent stress and unforgiving for mistakes. Therefore, when using the equipment and software, the operators should be relieved as much as possible in order to harness the vital resource, human performance, as effectively as possible to protect human lives.

Our team of qualified engineers and technicians builds and develops state-of-the-art systems that are tailored to meet civilian and military customer needs, from small quantities to large projects.

We are proud to set new standards, thanks to state-of-the-art production and measurement technology, our patented new technology and integrated software solutions with the slogan:

„Security Made by SIS in Germany“ Your global security partner.

Tracking / Location Set

Drone Defense Operation

The network of SIS antennas detects an intrusion into the security area and issues an alarm. 

Within the SIS software, our own AI algorithm displays the position of the drone and the operator on a satellite map.

Depending on the system, SIS high-power transmitters work with patented technology and jam drones within 5 km radius of the transmitting station.

SIS Drone Defense Systems

SIS drone defense systems are divided into two areas: 1. mobile and 2. stationary systems. Depending on the desired transmission power different antennas are used.

Our small to medium size systems cover the range from indoor use to portable jammers, with exceptional range and frequency coverage. Indoor jammers are used particularly in courthouses, corporate headquarters and convention centers. The middle systems are used for mobile special units, so-called "bodyjammers", in prisons, industrial plants and comparable situations. All portable systems are also available as permanently mountable units.

In the high-power transmission area, the new patented "SIS Rotating Jammer" system with rotating antenna tables is used. This SIS development is a groundbreaking novelty in jammer technology. The system has no reduction in transmission power due to feedback. SIS Rotating Jammer is 99.9% feedback free! We offer effective transmitting power in kilowatts and a coordinated software solution for exceptional results.

Due to the exceptionally compact design, the SIS SIS Rotating Jammer System is an extremely inconspicuous system that, at the customer's request, is no more conspicuous than any conventional vehicle with an average "ski or roof box". The system can be mounted on almost any standard vehicle within a very short time. Depending on the configuration, up to 2000 watts of transmission power can be achieved with up to 20 antennas in the system.

For maritime purposes, e.g. on yachts, the SIS Rotating Jammer system is permanently installed at a metered point.

Small to medium jamming systems
SIS Rotation Table
Tracking / Location Set

Ortungsprodukte & Industriesicherheit

Our HighTAG ™ product line enables extremely easy and flexible handling of the location of people, valuables and vehicles. Our technology is perfectly aligned with the operational scenarios within our cloud-based software. This is done by means of various individually programmable modules for the variants aktivRFID, Bluetooth, WLAN and LTE / GSM and location via GPS / GALILEO / GLONASS among others, inclusive the radio standard "Narrowband Internet of Things" (NB-IoT). Our smallest modules weigh just 2 grams!

SIS Software & Cloud Solutions

We have developed our own cloud-based software solution specifically for drone defense and our tracking products. In addition to the cloud, a server version is also available if this is essential. 

Seamless documentation and reporting enable evidence-preserving evidence to be stored and make everyday work easier for the user. The operating time of the segments in terms of autonomous power supply vary between one year and unlimited location without a change of battery at the locating device. This allows unprecedented detection safety and maintenance freedom of the devices. We are happy to inform you in more detail on request. You can reach our sales team via