About SIS

Over 25 years of expertise in radio equipment, positioning, tracking and security

SIS was founded 26 years ago by Michael Salewski. Since then, the company's focus has been on the development of state-of-the-art radio and tracking systems. Security solutions for industry, commerce and vulnerable persons are developed and produced. The highly specialized company offers expertise at the highest level. Each development department provides special solutions developed and produced by the SIS technology divisions. All divisions are development-transparent and work closely together to realize synergies efficiently and consistently.

The individual systems are manufactured in the industrial and technology Centre in Bad Salzdetfurth. As a result, manufacturing capacities can be expanded very quickly as needed. Large orders can therefore be processed almost as fast as individual orders and in compliance with our strict quality criteria. 

Through its strategic orientation and cooperation, SIS has the use of the Radome in Bad Salzdetfurth. This enables us to produce wireless systems that convince the most demanding customers worldwide with exceptional performance and precision. Uniting headquarters, development department, production and high-performance test and measurement radom at one location is unique in Germany. This location advantage is one of many reasons that enables us to produce equipment with extremely high transmission power and accuracy.

In tracking technology, SIS combines a wide variety of receiver modules in the smallest spaces. Most commonly used are GPS systems such as GPS., EUROSAT, GLONASS etc., active RFID, WLAN, Bluetooth, the new Narrow Band Internet of Things (NB-IoT) standard, GPRS, LTE, and others. In addition, laser, printing and various other sensors are used. 

To meet and exceed the expectations of a premium module, they require a smart software solution that is highly user-friendly, versatile, powerful, and deployable worldwide for reliable operation. This is where SIS comes in with its own smart software solution. All modules are managed and operated here. The software makes work easier with complete documentation in order to have the findings and data available in court-usable form. What sets our systems apart from our competitors is the possibility that each module can be reconfigured by the sending unit during operation. It eliminates the need to remove the device from its location & work area to allow reprogramming or unlocking additional module capabilities. 

If, for example, after the start of an observation operation, the legal prerequisites are reached to extend the data collection to a call or sound recording, this can easily be activated by the operations center. This is done by selecting the button in the program menu. Seconds later you can start with the voice recording. 

In our company we combine the know-how, the practical experience, the feedback of state authorities and users of many years together. So far, our developers have always succeeded in developing a solution for every problem that has convinced our customers. Last but not least, our products inspire because we listen to our customers and we see ourselves as a system partner. It's not just about selling a product, but about providing a systematic solution to a customer problem that enables them to successfully fulfill their mission.  

Test vehicle in front of Radom Bad Salzdetfurth
Portable jammer

Jammers and Securtiy

In many areas, it is not just about the safety of objects and equipment. In particular, security vulnerabilities in the system pose a real and immediate threat to the lives and lives of individuals or larger groups. 

Jammers can also be used to protect unauthorized information transfer, so that this information does not get into the hands / ears of the wrong person and thus becomes a security risk for others. The smallest jammers of SIS are used in international and national courts and authorities. The digital design of the system makes it possible to couple several jamming transmitters together so as to have a secure coverage with system reserves and, at the same time, expand the area as required without delay and modification measures. It can be ensured that the lowest possible radiation of the jammer, in which the performance of the jammer is still reliably guaranteed. The health risk to the person exposed to the interference field can be minimized or safely excluded in this way. 

In the vehicle-based high-performance system SIS Rotating Jammer H8-H20, the aspect of operator safety is consistently pursued. The design and the additional shielding measures make it possible to effectively shield the user in the immediate vicinity from harmful radiation. 

Security Made by SIS in Germany

Test vehicle with SIS Rotating Jamming System H20
Different Jamming Systems
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